About the Counseling/Therapy Process

What is counseling really like?

Counseling is a safe place where you can talk about the things that worry you. Counseling can help you to find ways to better manage your stress and calm your anxiety. Counseling can help you to feel less alone, more understood, and more mindful so that you can tap into the strength and wisdom within yourself to make the changes you need to better your life.

I work from a therapeutic model that helps you to become mindful of the connection between your thoughts and your emotions. Many of us recognize that our thoughts impact the way we feel but what we often fail to see is that many of the thoughts, beliefs and stories we tell ourselves are unhelpful, misleading and untrue. Becoming mindful or aware of these thoughts and then correcting them can help us to change our perspective and help us to feel better. This model also focuses on learning how to better handle the stressful and painful events in life. As humans, our tendency is to
avoid pain and stress but such feelings are part of life. “If we live a full life, we will feel the full range of human emotions.” Part of what we will work on together is how you can learn to lessen the impact and power of the painful and stressful feelings of life.

Many people wonder how many sessions they will need in order to feel better. Each person is different but often times people feel better after only a few sessions and for some people a few sessions is all they need. The first session is somewhat structured, in that I will be asking questions to help me to understand you and your background. This information helps us to look at the direction we will take together and the goals you will set.