On the journey to motherhood

Trouble getting pregnant

I understand what it feels like to long to have a child and to be afraid that it may never happen. This road is hard for so many different reasons including the pressure we put upon ourselves and the real or perceived pressure from others, the impact of it on our relationships and possible feelings of sadness, despair and loneliness/isolation.

My hope in offering this counseling is to help you learn to lower your stress levels and to “get your mind out of the way” so that you can give your body the best chance possible to become pregnant. There is no doubt that there is a strong mind/body connection and it is important to make sure that this relationship is working for you, not against you.

I believe that each of us have great strength and wisdom but sometimes we need a little help at finding these qualities within ourselves. Whatever your concerns or fears, I will be glad to gently guide you through, and to help you on this journey.

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