First time mothers

This is such an exciting time in your life and yet you may also feel afraid and find that you are feeling anxious about many things.

Common concerns include: Will my baby be healthy? What will the birth process be like? Will the delivery be too painful? Will I be a good mother? How will I know what to do when my baby cries, throws up, etc., etc.

Self-doubt creeps in and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Much of what you are feeling is perfectly normal, as all first time mothers worry about these types of things. However, for some of us our anxiety gets the best of us and we find that we are feeling more anxious than joyful about the baby. Then of course we worry that our anxiety could be harmful to the baby in some way, a vicious cycle.

Whatever your fears I will be here to gently guide you through, and to help you find the strength and insight within yourself to better manage and enjoy your pregnancy, motherhood and life.

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